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Ross Ashmore
Exhibiting at SPACE in March 2013

Ross Ashmore is an urban landscape artist.

He paints in an expressionistic style using oil paints in a heavy impasto manner.

Following his degree in Fine Art and Illustration at Bristol, Ross entered the world of commercial art, working as a graphic designer for the next twenty years.

Ross says: “I believe that art is a powerful form of expression. That an artist should be honest, passionate and have conviction about his work – much at odds with the commercial world I had come from and today's obsession with perfection. I didn't want to be chocolate box. The gesture of painting, the process, is just as important to me as the image. Every painting is an action – making the mark in paint creates energy and conveys emotion – it creates the mood – it begins to take on a life of it's own. I love the physicality of painting. Many artists today are so obsessed with perfection and technique they don't look like paintings at all.”

Today Ross has embarked on an ambitious task of painting all the London Transport Underground Stations- of which there are 267.

“I realise for me this has to do with my commercial past. I was always under pressure to deliver on time, except this time I had created my own brief and deadline.” He has now completed all Zone 1 (64), Zone 2 (64), Zone 3(44) and Zone 4(43)

“I love the Underground. I love the concept of going below ground and resurfacing somewhere else."

Ross is 56, married to Vicki and has three children. He lives in Rickmansworth and has a studio in Rickmansworth High Street.

You can see more of Ross' work here.

The images on this page represent the artist's work as a whole and is not
necessarily the work that will be displayed during the exhibition.

Angel Station
Oil on canvas

Farringdon Station
Oil on canvas

Marylebone Station
Oil on canvas

Vauxhall Station
Oil on canvas

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